Comparing Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected vs Sonicare DiamondClean: Who is the Winner?

Comparing Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected vs Sonicare DiamondClean: Who is the Winner?

When you’re selecting between two great toothbrushes, with the Philips Wise Series toothbrushes, The proper toothbrush for you depends significantly on the features that strike home for you personally.
you need to dig deep in to the features. There’s just the decision that works most effective for you personally.
In a choice between Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Linked vs Sonicare DiamondClean Wise, it’ll drop to the design, This comparison will breakdown the features and advantages each provides over the various other.
style, and features that talk with you.

An In-Depth Comparison Desk


FlexCare Platinum Gemstone Clean

Color RangeLight with standard bottomMultiple shades including dark, white, rose gold, amethyst, Deep Clean5 cleaning settings: Washing, Whitening, and gray
Battery Lifestyle2 weeks21 times
Cleaning Settings3 washing modes: Washing, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean
Brush Heads Included2 brush heads3 brush heads
Extra ComponentsTravel case and UV sanitizerTravel case as charger
Bluetooth Online connectivityYes with appNo
Brushing Intensities3 brushing intensitiesNo choice
Check CostCheck Cost

Gum Treatment,

Summary of the Philips FlexCare Platinum Linked to UV Sanitizer



The FlexCare Platinum Connected provides high-end features just like the Bluetooth app. and contact up features gives an individual a cleaner mouth area. The timer,
It collects data which you can use to improve brushing behaviors. pacer technology,
You can find 3 cleaning settings and 3 brushing intensities for the FlexCare Platinum.
It could be brought with you if you want to travel because it includes a travel case. The deal with is a straightforward white color that matches with any bathroom style. It offers two brush heads and a pressure sensor in the deal with.

Summary of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean also offers Bluetooth features. as well.
It will monitor when you’ve brushed and the areas you’ve skipped. The sensor will let you know if you’re scrubbing too much,
The brush deal with chooses the whitening setting. If you are using the brush mind for whitening, The toothbrush deal with recognizes once the brush mind is inserted to provide you with the correct setting. It will come in a number of colors to fit your bathroom as well as your smartphone.

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Design Evaluation

The Philips Sonicare toothbrushes are designed beautifully. They will have modern handles with easy-to-push control keys.
They both have LED lighting on the deal with to indicate brushing settings and the battery lifestyle.
The FlexCare Connected only has a single color in its series.
The brushing settings may also be selected simply by switching brush heads. One turns the energy on while the additional cycles through modes. You can find only two control keys on the sleek deal with of the DiamondClean. The DiamondClean Wise has a smoother style with a number of colors.
The bottom of the FlexCare is usually pretty regular.
It’s a sensational design which you can use as a rinse cup, The DiamondClean includes a cup utilized as a charger. as well. It’ll stand in the bottom and charge.

Top features of the DiamondClean


Brush Heads Included – The DiamondClean includes high quality brush heads for particular features.
The whitening brush mind will remove stains nearly immediately. The gum treatment brush head provides soft stimulation for the gum series. There’s a plaque control brush to eliminate even more plaque than regular brushing by itself.
Modes – You can find 5 modes and 3 intensities with the DiamondClean. The tongue clean setting will break up bacterias on the tongue’s surface area. White setting, The gum health setting will provide you with healthier gums. Deep clean setting, The clean setting is for everyday washing. and Tongue care setting. The deep clean setting goes deeper compared to the regular washing. Gum wellness mode, The whitening setting removes spots. There’s the Clean setting,
Deluxe Travel Case – The charger offers you fourteen days of battery lifestyle for every complete charge.
It is possible to consider the toothbrush with you on the highway with the deluxe travel case if you want to travel for additional time.

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Top features of the FlexCare Platinum


Area Sensor and Touchup – The Bluetooth app will monitor the brush strokes and areas you’ve cleaned with a spot sensor. This gives an increased degree of clean.
This provides real time assistance for areas you may have skipped. It’ll alert you and immediate you to invest more time for the reason that section.
AdaptiveClean Brush Head – The brush mind adapts to the form of every tooth. This removes even more plaque and provides you healthier gums in fourteen days with regular make use of.
The versatile head suits the surface of every tooth and techniques as needed over the teeth.
3 Brushing Modes and Intensity Amounts – There’s a clean setting for everyday washing. There’s a whitening setting for removing staining from one’s teeth.
There’s also a deep clean that gets deeper for even more cleaning power.

Things both Brushes Have as a common factor

Most toothbrushes from Sonicare possess the great app that may support plenty of data. The info may be used to discover trouble spots. It provides info that empowers their oral hygiene needs. It can be taken to the dentist’s workplace,
so individual and dentist can review a treatment plan.
Deep washing and stain removal are two features these toothbrushes have as a common factor. The brush will remove 10x even more plaque and stains compared to the traditional manual toothbrush alternatives. It’s an attribute of the complete sonic toothbrush collection from Philips.
Brushing settings are another common feature with both versions. however they all have washing as a core setting for every brush. The amount of brushing modes can vary greatly from model to model,
The pressure sensor can help users avoid performing damage to their tooth and gums. It’s a blunder because it doesn’t provide a deeper clean. It simply causes the gums to recede because of damage.

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Contrasts Between DiamondClean and FlexCare Platinum



There are some features that produce the DiamondClean an improved choice for a few users.
You can find 5 cleaning settings for the DiamondClean as the FlexCare has just 3 settings. The DiamondClean includes a sleeker design using its charging glass and different colors.
The DiamondClean has 3 several weeks of battery life following a complete charge. They both possess travel cases that produce them ideal for taking your electrical toothbrush on the highway. The FlexCare Platinum just has 14 days of charge.
You can find 3 brushing intensities offered with the FlexCare, it includes a pressure sensor, The FlexCare also offers a UV sanitizer to make sure that the brush heads are generally as clean as you possibly can. too.


The DiamondClean includes a longer battery lifestyle and more cleaning settings. They both possess features that the various other doesn’t possess. there is absolutely no clear champion.
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